Awhile back, a parent told me that she was inquiring about what Music Program to bring her baby to, and most of her friends said "Music with Marnie'' One parent, (who apparently had not been to my classes) said 'Oh don't take Marnie's class - she is a Performer, not a Teacher.' Lucky for me, the inquiring mom didn't listen to that friend, and took my classes anyways. smiley 

Before I started performing in 2000, I was teaching Music Classes. Before Music Classes, I was an Early Childhood Educator. Before being and Early Childhood Educator, I was a Nanny. You can read all about it in my Bio. The performing came after I recorded my first album, and we decided that a great way to let families know about it was to have a CD Release Concert. 

There is an itimacy to teaching, that I will never get in a concert, yet I can use my tools from teaching to attract the attention of a large crowd..... 

Prior to Music with Marnie, I was an Early Childhood Educator. Music with Marnie was simply an 'idea' that sparked one day in 1999.
In working as an Early Chidhood Educator there were a lot of Fun Moments, but there were also challenges. Many children experienced separation anxiety, had troubles sharing etc. Don't get me wrong, most experiences were awesome - but I wanted them to be - more than awesome! I wanted to create something FUN for parents to Share with their children.


In 1999 there was nothing in Vancouver for brand new parents to do with their child. There was me and Aqua Ventures (and Aqua Ventures started at 6 months old) I started with fresh babies at 2 months of age and parents chomping at the bit to get out.  When the classes began, parents kept telling me how much they loved the class, how much their baby connected to the music, and how much FUN it was for them to get out of the house. I knew I needed a slogan and that's where 'MUSICAL FUN FOR EVERYONE' came along - It Seemed like the perfect fit!

Natural Rememdies for Mosquito Bites

Natural Remedies for Mosquito Bites

By Milton the Mosquito

July 2015
Oh The Bumps We Create!

Marnie was telling me that she had a show at Maple Grove Pool the other day and was getting so many mosquito ‘bumps’ ...

What’s My Inspiration for Writing Children’s Music

What’s My Inspiration for Writing Children’s Music

August 2015
People often ask me how I write my songs and what my inspiration is.

Whenever I write music for children, I simply jump into the life of a child and write about the things they like – puddles, firefighters, ladybugs, and more. I always feel that children learn through play! I’ve never been one for writing moralistic songs, but instead I take what they like and make it fun.... and in turn - educational! Children are my biggest inspiration; just spending time with them I can see what really makes them shine!