I don't think I could just perform. I love the intimacy of a class. I get to know different children every session, and they get to know me, and my routine. 

The Classes I teach are age specific. In my years of working with children, especialy as an Early Childhood Educator, I've grown to know the ages and stages of children. We of course know that everyone develops differently, but with different age settings, I can create a curriculum that works for all families, and all developmental stages.

In teaching the classes, I really get to know families. I find out what songs the children love the most, what songs parents use at home to help out with daily transitions (diapering, car rides, getting out the door etc.) I can also see what may not be a hit, and how I can either eliminate it, or change it, and do it differently. 

My philosophy has always been PLAY. My classes are fun - and although the children are learning - the lessons are simple - yet, some lessons can be very deep. It's usually the unplanned moments that are the biggest, and sweetest lessons for all of us. I feel that the classes are beyond music. I always think music is a tool for daily life - but it's secondary - children and fun come first. Parents have told me that they have even taken songs of mine to help in emergency situations i.e. Songs with movement and 'stopping' such as the Kangaroo Song have taught children what the word 'STOP' means - Sounds simple right - but there's more to it. One parent said 'the Kangaroo song was literally a life saver' as she was able to shout 'stop' when her child was running towards the street and into traffic.  Another Example is my sweet tattered puppet, Bartholomew. For almost 19 years I have used Bartholomew, to say 'goodbye' He is a magnet for about 99.9% of the children. I call Bartholomew out by using a certain tone with my voice (a bit grating perhaps ... haha ... but it works) Parents have used my pitch of voice at home to get their babies attention when they're trying to feed them or to distract them from crawling towards a space in their home that the parent doesn't want them to be. ... These are just a few stories that I hear daily from parents and caregivers, and are a sign to me that my classes are working in more ways than one.

I think being a performer enhances my classes, as I am comfortable in front of a group, and I know how to get the attention of a group, I also think that my concerts are a success, because I am an Early Childhood Educator and know how to communicate with young audiences. Even if I am singing to a group of 1000, there are moments where I will interact with the crowd, as if they are a class of 15. I can often get an entire crowd sitting, jumping, standing or lying down. I have my classes and years of experience to thank for that.

Both really go hand in hand, and I don't know if I can really say which one I love more. I appreciate having variety in my life, and want to offer that to my community as well. Personally for myself, I couldn't just perform. I love teaching to small groups too much. I have about 200 children every 7-10 weeks and about 60% repeats every 10 weeks. I have watched children grow from 2.5 months, now up to 19 years of age (yes, I have kept in touch with some families for that long!) As a performer, I connect with my audiences, but not nearly as much as I do each week in a class. 

I also really enjoy performing. It's exhilerating, it's different from my day to day classes, and it's a great way to connect with the larger community who work during the week, and can't take a class. My band members and I have been together for 18 years, we're friends, and we really have so much fun when we sing together. When we're rehearsing, I think we laugh more than we work on tunes. Doing a show is a lot of work, but when you have team members that are like family, and you're singing to a kiddie mosh pit - you really couldn't ask for more.

I was a little hurt, when I heard that a mother had said that about me. It was about 6-12 months ago, and obviously is still bothering me a bit (haha ... I really should just breathe and let it go...). I really put so much into my work, and only hope that all families have the best time EVER during a class or at a Concert. I also realize, that not everyone is going to like me, and that's ok too. My style isn't for everyone. There are so many great things out there for children and families now. I think it was wonderful that a Mother was researching activities to do with her baby, and I am grateful that she chose me.  

Presently all of my Classes are full. I teach at Kitsilano CC on Mon, Tues & Thurs and at Mount Pleasant on Wednesdays. Registration for the next set of programs (May and June as well as Summer Camps) is on APRIL 3 for Mount Pleasant & APRIL 9th for Kits CC. You can see my present schedule here


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April 6th - School Show
April 7th - West Vancouver Public Library
April 28th - West Vancouver Schools
May 7th - Langley Baby Day
June 23rd - Teddy Bear Picnic North Vancouver
June 30th - Sun Peaks Kamloops
... and more! 

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I look forward to singing with you at a class or concert ... or BOTH soon!

With Love,