Natural Rememdies for Mosquito Bites

Natural Remedies for Mosquito Bites

By Milton the Mosquito

July 2015
Oh The Bumps We Create!
Marnie was telling me that she had a show at Maple Grove Pool the other day and was getting so many mosquito ‘bumps’ – Marnie and I know how to make mosquito bumps FUN in our song Oh The Bump but sometimes they can get a bit itchy. Here’s a few quick tips to prevent the bumps in the beginning or to relieve yourself from ‘itching like the blazes’.

What Mosquito's Like:
  • Standing Water! Remove any standing water from your yard
  • The Night! Me and my mosquito friends like to go out at night between dusk and dawn – best to stay indoors or cover up.
  • Long Dry Grass! Avoid it or wear long pants

What Mosquito's Don't Like:
  • Catnip – Make your cat happy and drive us away
  • Citronella – please buy the pure citronella from a health food store
  • Garlic – We’re kind of like vampires – we won’t come near you if you eat LOTS of garlic
  • Lavender – If you are out at night, put lavender and coconut or almond oil in a pot or diffuser, it will keep us at bay.
  • I also watched this video on Youtube. You can make a natural repellent with a lime and cloves. I haven’t tried it myself, but it’s all natural and looks like it would keep me and my friends away.

How to STOP the Itch:
  • A dampened green tea bag that has been in the refrigerator
  • An oatmeal bath
  • Put a band aid on it to remind you not to scratch

Have a great summer everyone! I hope to see you at a Music with Marnie Concert Soon. Until then, feel free to visit me on Marnie’s Video Page.

Xoxo Milton The Mosquito