Children's Musical Class Rules

Make Up Classes

Register Knowing that Whatever Time You and Your Child Spend with Marnie will be a FUN Time!
  • Unlike many other programs, Music with Marnie is an independent business, 9 classes of 15 children are taught by me each week. I want you and your child to get as MUCH out of the program as possible. Please Note that if you and your child miss one or more classes, I Cannot Guarantee that you can make up a class. Make Up classes are a bonus and a service to you and can only be offered if programs are not full.
  • If you are registering for a program and know that you won’t be attending the full 9 or 10 weeks due to vacation or mat leave please know that there is a possibility that those classes will not be made up.
  • In order to try to make up the classes, you can let me know in advance, and if I know of any opening, I will do what I can to find you a spot, but keeping track of others vacations and sick absences can prove to be a challenging task and not my responsibility. Please register knowing that you will have tons of fun in the time that you are there, and that there’s a possibility that the missed classes will not be made up.
Sometimes life gets in the way of something planned and you miss your weekly program. If you only get 6 out of 10 classes in, come and make the very best of them. I promise you that I put my heart into my work and will make yours and your child’s time with me as enjoyable as possible!


Please note that all programs are age specific and are for Registered Children Only. As much as I love having brothers and sisters attend a class, it can be disruptive to the program or upsetting to families who have paid. If you have an older or younger child please consider the Sibling Class or All Ages Class. Both are popular classes and FABULOUS options! If one of your children have a professional day or sick day, please find alternate care. Thank you kindly for your cooperation.