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Super Kids

Released 2011

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Award Winning CD that celebrates the super hero quality that every child possesses. Winner of the Parent Choice Award. Nominated for the Western Canadian Music Award.

Her latest Award Winning release has been flying off the shelves with a Zip, Boom, POW!

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-Cut A Rug 1. Cut A Rug

-I am a Bat 2. I am a Bat

-Goin Green 3. Goin Green

-Bear in my Tummy 4. Bear in my Tummy

-Camping Jive 5. Camping Jive

-Poor Little Bug 6. Poor Little Bug


-5 Little Monkeys 8. 5 Little Monkeys

-Body Song 9. Body Song

-Mimic Me 10. Mimic Me

-Hug the World 11. Hug the World

-H20 on the Go 12. H20 on the Go

-Chicken Dance 13. Chicken Dance

-Horse Back Riding 14. Horse Back Riding

-I Wanna Be a Super Hero 15. I Wanna Be a Super Hero


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Super Kids, Marnie’s 4th album, celebrates the Super Hero qualities that every child possesses. Marnie recognizes that every child has a special quality or special ability that makes them a Super Kid, her songs teach children that ordinary tasks such as recycling, eating well, dancing, singing, playing and even smiling, are all Super Kid traits. From Rock, to Punk to Ska and Reggae, Marnie’s action based and fun-ucational tunes fill the hearts and minds of children, as they move and groove and learn about things like bats, the environment, opposites, problem solving, sign language and friendships. Backed by the talented Music with Marnie Band, Marnie’s sparkling melodies, catchy lyrics and funky beats make her a favourite with children, parents and critics alike. Marnie’s love for children and passion for music and movement, is the driving force behindall she does, making all kids who experience her songs, feel like a Super Kid.




Super Kids is the fourth recording by Canadian children's music/performer/songwriter and singer Marnie Grey. Her touring group of Jon Roper on guitar, Boris Favre on keyboards, and drummer Eduardo Ottoni backs her once again. This recording gathers fifteen highly energized songs that will appeal to younger children, while still entertaining their parents. Grey employs dramatic introductions to each song, giving the illusion that she is speaking directly to them. Animal songs and earth-centered songs abound, including the informative and horror movie organ backed "I Am a Bat," the silly hoe-down of "Poor Little Bug," the rocking ecology anthem "Goin' Green," and the punk-tinged "H2O on the Go." Grey possesses a strong and pleasant voice that can handle a shuffle number such as the funky "Camping Jive," which celebrates the joys of being outdoors. She can also be melodic and rhythmic as demonstrated by the Reggae infused song "Mimic Me". The album ends with a Grey penned short story, from which the album gets its title, which celebrates the natural abilities and gifts of a child who once longed for super powers. Overall, both children and parents will find much entertainment value in the album's 15 tracks. The lyrics and other activities are available on the Music with Marnie website. – Marnie Wins a Parents Choice Award, September 2011

(REVIEW BY Lahri Bond, Author and Director of Dirty Linen and, Spinning Tales Weaving Hope).

08/09/2015 – (Article Marnie Strikes Gold)

I am not a 4-year-old. I do not profess to know what it is about children’s entertainment that makes one performer more attractive than another. I do not pretend to know why my kids love Max and Ruby when it makes me want to rip my eyeballs out.

What I do know is, given my son’s desire to listen to “Kids music! Kids music!” over and over in the car, finding a children’s performer that keeps us both entertained is like striking gold.

Music with Marnie strikes gold

Music With Marnie’s latest CD SuperKids is just that–musical gold. My son loves it and will listen to it for even the longest car trips, which gives us a very welcome break from “Old McDonald” and “The Wheels on the Bus!”

And it’s catchy. Some tunes are familiar favourites with new lyrics, some are originals with jazzy or rock styles. The music itself appeals to parents and kids alike, and the lyrics are ideal for kids–easy to remember, easy to sing.

Marnie knows her stuff. She has a strong background in Early Childhood Education, which might explain how she’s managed to create music that kids will go nuts for while still learning about animals, sign language, their bodies and more. Sneaky, Marnie. Very sneaky.

08/09/2015 – (Article: Super Love)

If you’re looking to add a new album to your musical oeuvre: Super Kids is eminently danceable, with easy-to-catch-onto lyrics your kids will be chanting in no time. And we love the Music with Marnie band, their music is spectacular and spans many different musical styles!


– (Article: Music with Marnie - Super Kids CD Review)

…. My latest musical review was the fabulous children’s CD Super Kids from Music with Marnie. Marnie Grey, the talent behind the CD, has a gift for creating high-energy and fun-filled songs that kids are sure to love, but she doesn’t just stop there! With an entourage of fun characters including a mischievous monkey and an oversized mosquito, she has created engaging music videos and an interactive website that are sure to delight children of all ages.

…When I put on the CD, Zackary and Benjamin had no idea what to expect but within the first few seconds of the first song on the CD, they were both delightedly dancing away! Super Kids really encourages interaction and the boys both did lots of it throughout the various songs….

…The boys and I both loved the entire CD. … The overall trend of the CD is one of celebrating just how super being a child really is and I love the positivity and the fun-loving energy Marnie brings to the songs. And it was clear that my boys loved the CD as much as I did; for weeks afterwards it was the only CD they wanted to hear! Super Kids is an addictively fun CD and a great choice for any family with kids that love to move. Check it out for yourself and dance along with your kids to the fun and fresh tunes of Music with Marnie!

08/09/2015 – (Article: Rainy Day Play)

Marnie’s love of music, children and silliness is contagious. With a background in early childhood education, she strives to involve children in her music through songs that promote dancing and singing. Her fourth CD, entitled “Super Kids” makes for great active indoor play on any gloomy day. It’s full of catchy lyrics, modern rhythms and lots of learning opportunities, too (including sign language).


From My website: The Kid

Music is a huge part of our home and between Janey and I we have a pretty eclectic selection of music in our iTunes library. Throw a couple of kids into the mix and it’s safe to say we’ve got the musical bases covered.

Music with Marnie is the latest addition to our kids music collection (although Marnie herself has been rocking the munchkins for more than 10 years). Her latest CD Super Kids has fun, energetic and educational songs that will get your preschoolers grooving along to the beats right from the first track, “Cut A Rug”.

The songs themselves run a gamut of styles including kid versions of rock/pop, folk, disco, country and even a little reggae action. The catchy tunes make it easy for kids (and don’t worry, parents also ) to sing along with the lyrics in no time!

We haven’t seen Marnie live but judging from the reviews and videos that we’ve seen, it looks like her live show would be a great kidexperience for your toddlers and preschoolers!

Music with Marnie’s Super Kids CD has become a great addition to our after-dinner-dance-party where Emma can burn off her dinner and Nikita can laugh and screech along with her big sister’s stylin’ dance moves.

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Super Kids

Super Kids

Award Winning CD that celebrates the super hero quality that every child possesses. Winner of the Parent Choice Award. Nominated for the Western Canadian Music Award.

Her latest Award Winning release has been flying off the shelves with a Zip, Boom, POW!