How to Create a PeRfectLy Musical Circle Time


By Award Winning Children’s Entertainer And Educator, Marnie Grey


~ Restore and Revive the Child Within You! ~

This 2.5 Hour Workshop conducted by one of Canada’s Top Children’s Performers and Educators Marnie Grey, is not only hands on and FUN, but Marnie will provide all who attend with simple tricks to make your circle time a musical success.

In ‘How to Conduct a PeRfectLy Musical Cirlce Time’ the participants will join together as a group of educators and entertainers, and experience fun tools and tricks of the trade that positively enhance circle time and promote music and movement in an age appropriate way.

Recording Artist Marnie Grey of Music with Marnie, has 4 Award Winning Albums, jam packed with Songs perfect for Babes to Six Year Olds. Being an Early Childhood Educator herself (1994) and a Music and Movement Teacher (1999-Present) Marnie knows what children like and how to create an environment that is fun and entertaining for everyone.

What's In Store For You?

  • Experience New Songs to Sing with Your Little Ones
  • Experience Tips and Tricks on how to make your circle time work
  • Experience the magic of puppetry and props and how they can be more than just an ‘addition’ to your circle time.
  • Experience how to capture a child’s attention and keep them captivated and having fun.
  • Experience age appropriate activities for children from birth to 6 years old.
  • Receive an informative and detailed workbook to take home.
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Raves & Reviews ~ “How to Create a Perfectly Musical Cirlce Time”


Here’s What Others Who Have Taken Marnie’s Workshop had to Say:


It’s hard to say which part of today’s program was the best. Marnie’s stories were good and I really enjoyed the songs. I really liked that Marnie didn’t just rush us through every song. She took the time to show us the actions and even had no problem repeating them so that we would be able to remember better. Thank You Marnie, you did a great job, and I enjoyed your performance immensely!!

~ Georgia Bruyel

The whole program you presented was a joy and pleasure. Lots of fun, full of ideas, songs, rhymes, actions, and was 100% the very best I have had the pleasure to hear, see and participate in. I have already used I Yi Yippee and the Kangaroo Song with my 3-5 year olds and they (and I) LOVED it! … Thank you SO much, you are terrific!

~ Gail Segnoe, Librarian, Osoyoos B.C.

I’ve been running low on songs to sing, so this will freshen up my program.

~ Ardie Burnham

I loved Marnie’s enthusiasm and energy – Loved it All – Especially her 10 Points and 6 Tricks for Circle Time and learning new songs and chants.

~ Unknown

Marnie teaches you how to draw the kids in, in a super positive way.

~ Diana White, Librarian

I loved it all!! … your props are fantastic … my only complaint is that it didn’t last all day, you’re too much fun.

~ Unknown, Okanagan

The Songs were easy to learn and would easily make children join in.

~ Lynda Bell

You were amazing and inspiring! I admire your positive attitude and happy demeanor!

~ Nicole Murray, Librarian

Everything was useful and presented in a fun way. I liked learning and practicing the songs as I can take them and use them in my programs.

~ Adele Meadow

Marnie teaches you how to make songs come alive with sound effects and actions. She really knows how to draw the children in.

~ Unknown, Okanagan